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When you start a paratransit business, your office location will have little impact on your level of business. Take advantage of this by choosing a location that provides ample space for the price. You will need room to house several large vans as well as office space for your dispatcher.
At least one wheelchair-accessible van is required to start your new business. While it doesn’t have to be brand new, you should make sure that it is clean and in prime condition. It will need a wheelchair lift and equipment to safely secure the chair inside the van.

Before you start a paratransit business, call your state’s division of motor vehicles (DMV) to find out if they have special requirements to transport handicapped people. At a very minimum, you will need a chauffeur’s license that allows you to drive passengers.

Depending on your area, you may also need a taxi license and a best paratransit software to dispatch and schedule rides. Keep in mind that many areas regulate the rates of taxi drivers. If this is the case in your location , you should check to see if there is an exception for paratransit driving services.

You may be able to charge slightly higher rates as compensation for additional equipment and time requirements. Some of your customers may be able to claim their paratransit expenses on their health insurance. If this is a possibility, check with the major insurance providers in your area to make sure that you meet all the requirements to become an approved transit service.
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