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The outdoor LED display media construction location at the heart of most of the city's landmarks, CBD, transportation corridors, and other people with functional traffic-intensive sites. With urbanization and the popularity of the family car, these places have become the mainstream crowd in the city for business and leisure, dining and shopping, working out and other important places essential, because it has scarce core characteristics, but also become a marketing value and quality forms of media.

By the end of 2014, one of 16 major cities for outdoor LED display audience survey carried out by site-directed interception way to understand the audience on the LED display of exposure and cognitive and evaluation, as well as by experts and the audience deep visit, understand LED displays touch experience and unique value, from the results of this survey, the following conclusions can be drawn.
Sunray 800 HD SE V2 Sat Receiver LED display
Today, display advertising has been rampant, especially in some of the most developed cities. We all know that the higher cost of the LED display, why are we still in the outdoor advertising big sought it? The main reason is to give users more value.

Outdoor LED display with its high definition digital media trends, become a new force in the media can not be ignored. It is not just an extension of traditional outdoor media and television media, and microblogging, LBS positioning, social media and mobile terminals combined, construct a three-dimensional space of interaction and communication with consumers while giving a more creative possible, shaping the media belong to its core values.

With Sunray satellite receiver technology to improve innovation and technology, especially high brightness grayscale low-skilled, low death rate lamp technology, high refresh rate, quiet housing and other core technology, LED display will begin to enter the increasingly widespread areas of the economy. Such as high-end command and control centers, control centers, dispatch centers, radio and television studios, video conference rooms, the presentation room and even the family living room.

Supported by Car dvd headrest

Active Headrest monitor For Audi, Lexus, BMW 10.1 inch 24 Bit A8 AUO Android 4.1 Digital Screen
1)10.1 inch AUO digital screen(Android active headrest monitor)
2)High definition panel:1280(W)*3(RGB)*800(H)
3)24 bit true color/ LED low power consumption backlight
4)10 points capacitive touch screen
5)Powerful A8 platform
6)1.3G Frequency+ DSP (dual-core)
7)Android 4.1
8)Built-in 16GB FLASH storage
9)Camera: 200 million pixels / autofocus
10)Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
11)Support 3G-USB modem
12)Micro-SD (H) / 256MB-32GB class2/4/6/8 compatible
14)Audio/Video output to slave monitor
15)Exclusive Models for Audi,Lexus,BMW

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CARAVAN is our registered brand in China and other countries. The brand consists of three parts: CAR+AV+AN.It indicates that this is an audio/video system in car. We are a leading manufacturer for IN CAR ENTERTAINEMNT products in China. CARAVAN is a fashion, technology leading brand for younger in the world.
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le constructeur de maisons individuelle du marche est le celèbre leader maisons pierre seine et marne qui propose de devenir propriétaire de construire sa maison avec l'aide de professionnels et ouvrir son réseau de franchises







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